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SERVPRO is a great place to work. The people are super friendly and willing to help you learn. I started with zero experience and I'm now a crew chief running crews and making good money. I love learning new things and in this field you learn something new every day.

Hallandale Home Water Damage

Hallandale Home Water Damage

Hallandale home using SERVPRO wall moisture reader.

Servpro On the Go


SERVPRO is available 24 /7 to respond quickly to your emergency, including water damage, emergency board up service, fire or mold restoration.

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration.
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration.
  • Commercial Mold Remediation.
  • Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Commercial Storm and Major Events.
SERVPRO on the road to help with Tropical Depression Ida

SERVPRO on the road to help with Tropical Depression Ida

SERVPRO on the road to help with the aftermath of the Tropical Depression Ida.

Lunch and learn

Lunch and learn

Lunch at Learns are back! Please contact us anytime to have our team come by and do a socially distanced lunch and learn about our offerings and how we work with commercial clients.

SERVPRO to the rescue - image of green SERVPRO vehicles lined up

SERVPRO to the rescue

SERVPRO is here 24/7 to help! No job too big or small.

Team Servpro Storm At Lake Charles LA

Team SERVPRO Storm At Lake Charles LA

Team SERVPRO Storm rushed to Lake Charles, LA to assist the residents with their damaged homes. Team SERVPRO Cares about all communities. When disaster hits you can count on SERVPRO to help!

It's not work if you're having fun! Jasson mopping.

It's not work if you're having fun!

It's not work if you're having fun! Here we have Jasson making the best out of a water damage job! Team SERVPRO Rocks!

Preventative cleaning of nursery school

Preventative cleaning of nursery school

Preventative cleaning of nursery school

Miami PD

Miami PD

SERVPRO North Miami had the pleasure of cleaning local police vehicles free of charge. We take pride in keeping our community safe and clean for all.

Surfside PD preventative Covid-19 cleaning

Surfside PD preventative Covid-19 cleaning

SERVPRO North Miami Cleaned all of Surfside PD vehicles for deputies and administration workers vehicles free of charge. We are doing our part in flattening the curve.


Thorough containment

Beatriz setting up a detailed containment.

Employees standing for a photo.

Chamber of Commerce

Our team at SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was recognized by the Hallandale Chamber of Commerce. We are thankful for this opportunity and we love our team! We're more than just a group of employees, we're a family!

SERVPRO green van parked outside a building.

We've got it!

SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura faster to any size disaster you don't have to worry about us once you call! (954) 921-8992 

Whether it may be water, fire, mold, or storm we've got you covered! 

Two SERVPRO employees smiling.

More than Employees!

We're so blessed that our team gets along so well. When your crew works as a collaborate group instead of butting heads things get done much quicker and more efficiently. We love our employees! 

Employees in white protective suits pointing at each other in front of two green SERVPRO vans.

We Love..

We love our team! SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura is blessed to have such a wonderful team that does great work. These two were onsite of a mold damage restoration and remediation project. Our crew always make it "Like it never even happened." 

Employee dressed in protective gear breaking down a ceiling.


No, not that kind of breakdown. Our team detected water within this residence's ceiling and knew they had to break it down to get to the root of the problem. Call Now -(954) 921-8992-

Employee in a protective mask breaking down drywall.

Workin' Hard

As you may already know, water damage is the most common form of restoration that we deal with. We are the water damage restoration and remediation experts. Our expert approach to water removal and water cleanup enable us to efficiently dry and restore your property with ease.

Classroom full of students with a teacher in a red shirt.

Class is in session

Our highly trained team is always getting updates on the latest and greatest techniques. In this training session we went over the new safety gear that our franchise had inquired. The safety of our staff and customers if of the utmost importance. 

Team member wearing a protective white jumpsuit, looking up at a raw wood ceiling.


Here we have a team member working hard to meditate residential water damage. A lot of times regular maintenance to your roof can prevent a storm from bringing water into your home. (954) 921-8992

Employee standing in the bed of a SERVPRO green truck checking stock.

Are you ready?

Hurricane damage can leave your home open to looting and the elements. Call SERVPRO to secure your home until the restoration can begin. Don't leave your home and belongings up to chance. (954) 921-8992

Green SERVPRO trucks outside

Hurricane Dorian

Our team is stocking up our trucks in preparation. Did you know that placing tarps and boards on damaged roofs can help mitigate the damage of storms until the restoration can begin? We provide damage mitigation services, as well as restoration services after the storm.

Facility stocked full of green dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers.

No Job Is Too Big Or Small

Our fully stocked warehouse is ready for any size disaster. The team at SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura is prepared to serve.

Garage with a green SERVPRO truck inside, and one outside.

Award Winning Service

When facing disaster, you want the professionals on your side. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura has award winning service. We are prepared to help you get your life and your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Room used for training purposes, filled with tables and chairs facing the front of the room.

Dedicated Training Facility

SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura is committed to keep our team up to date with the latest information in the restoration industry.

Our training center is also available for local community events such as Continuing Education (CE) Classes.

Garage stored with green equipment and a SERVPRO truck.

Latest Technology And Equipment

Air movers, dehumidifiers, and antimicrobial formulas are just part of our strategy is restoring your home or business back to its original condition. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura is fully equipped to deal with the destruction that mother nature send your way.

Green SERVPRO trucks lined up outside of a facility.

Our Fleet Is Ready for Whatever Happens!

The crew at SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura is available to help 24-hours per-day, and seven days per week. If you need some guidance dealing with damage from water, fire, or mold we have a fleet of trucks ready to dispatch.

Crew photo, employees are in a row wearing black polos.

The Team

Our team of restoration professionals is here for you. We can handle anything from removing stains on your carpet all the way up to a flooded commercial high rise. Our IICRC certified technicians are "Ready for whatever happens."

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was a category 5 hurricane that struck Daytona Beach, FL in 2016. It caused sea water to enter most, if not all buildings on the coast. Due to the amount of people in need of SERVPRO's services, drywall was immediately removed rather than dried out to prevent secondary damage. 

Long-term Leak in Miami, FL

A long- term roof leak went unnoticed in the staff room of this shoe store; allowing mold to grow on the affected drywall. SERVPRO was called in to perform remediation services. 

Mold Growth in Hollywood, FL

Water damages need to be addressed immediately to prevent secondary damages, such as, microbial growth. In this case, the affected materials were left unaddressed for a period of five days before seeking mitigation services. 

Storage for Fire Pack Out

A stove fire affected an entire townhouse, which required to be packed out to be able to restore the structure to its previous conditions. SERVPRO packed the contents, and stored them in an air conditioned facility for 3 months. 

Washer Malfunction in Aventura, FL

A malfunction caused a washing machine to overflow and affect the building hallways, as well as, units from the 8th floor down to the 1st. SERVPRO focused their immediate attention on first removing all the water to prevent further damage.  

Mold Remediation in Bal Harbour, FL

A drying chamber was set on this job site to control the environment by lowering the humidity levels. The mold was caused by a long-term leak that went unnoticed behind the kitchen cabinets.

Tropical Depression Emily

Tropical Depression Emily struck the Miami Area in early August affecting this financial facility. SERVPRO installed an inject-dry system to assist the drying process in moving along quicker than usual. 

Burst Pipe in Miami, FL

This job site located in Miami Beach had a burst pipe in the roof causing damages to the two floors of the financial facility. SERVPRO immediately cleaned the ceiling debris and extracted water to begin the mitigation process. 

Board Up in Aventura, FL

An immediate board up was necessary for this Aventura business to keep trespassers from entering the vicinity. SERVPRO® closed off all windows, doors, and other openings in a matter of days.

South Florida Business Journal Expo.

Thanks to our family at the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, we were invited to the South Florida Business Journal to participate and have meet and greets with other companies and other business individuals. The entire experience was very fun and professional. 

Burst Pipe in Miami, FL

A vacant unit on the 5th floor was left with the main water line on, therefore when the pipe burst, a large pressure of water spread through the unit. By the time the water was shut off, the damages had reached the lobby area.

Mold Spreading

Client called and stated that she saw certain stains on the tile and on some wall areas, we went to complete a mold test and found a few areas on the first floor that were affected we began to spray and clean the affected areas. Client was very happy with the results. 

Growing Mold

Lady called because there was a distinct smell in her house she asked us to come and take a look. When we arrived we opened up the baseboard we found mold growing and spreading throughout the house. We began to work and have removed floors, walls in some areas and all baseboards and started the remediation process.

Storm Invasion

After an overflow of water from the storm in GA this house along with others got completely flooded, we got assigned this house and began to extract and mend the situation to bring their home back to normal.

Storm damage GA

We arrived the storm had affected the house from the second floor to the lower level damaging the ceiling and the walls. We extracted the water and created holes to vent the cavity in the walls and made sure that everything was dry.

Storm Travel

We were asked to travel to GA for the strong storm that affected many homes and other areas when we arrived this house was extremely affected we had to open many holes and remove carpets and baseboards in certain areas the home owner was very happy with the end results.

Commercial cleaning

Client called and asked us to come and clean the rooms she wanted the walls and carpets deep cleaned. We set up the appointment and arrived to speak to the manager she began to walk us through and show us the areas. We explained that in some cases certain stains will not come out. We began by cleaning the walls and removing the stains accumulated as we completed the rooms we began by washing and cleaning the carpets some areas were definitely better than others but with dedication we were able to remove the stains and leave the carpets spotless and bright. The client was very happy.

Sandy Storm

After the storm cleaning needed to be completed, lots of sand was pushed into a garage and we were called to remove it all and wash the floors and walls to make sure the area was ready for visitors to park and feel safe.

Stove Fire

his stove caught on fire really quick the home had to turn the fire off as quick as possible before it spread beyond their control. We were called after the fire department arrived to clean and help restore the affected area. We have an ongoing relationship with this center and they are very happy with how we helped the situation to make it look like no fire affected the kitchen.St

Commercial leak

Due to a leak from a pipe water ran down and affected the main lobby of this commercial building. We were called as an emergency to extract and dry. We monitored for a few days and left the area as if nothing ever happened the clients was very satisfied with the results.

Medical Flood

Commercial medical space got flooded though a toilet overflow that caused the entire facility to get flooded. We were called in immediately to access the situation when we arrived we began to extract, clean and dry. The client was very happy with the results.

Retail Sewage

After a toilet overflowed in this retail space, we were called to extract the water and clean the affected areas. We were also asked to shred and dispose of the affected items.

Smoking Hazard

When the tenant left the unit for work left an electronic cigaret charging that after a few hours caught on fire burning the bed and spreading to the walls. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale and Aventura was called to help remove the burned items and remove the walls to begin the cleaning process.

Untreated Mold

Due to a water damage that was not treated efficiently outer mold spread through the unit and since the owner was on vacation for a month the mold was not detected in time. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale & Hollywood was call to remediate we cleaned every surface and sprayed anti microbial to help destroy the bacteria from continuing to grow.

Kitchen Fire in Miami Beach, FL

This fire was caused by an unattended pot on the stove which ended up having the entire apartment go up in flames. Thankfully no one was home at the time of this disaster. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was called by the property manager to come and clean out the entire apartment of all debris and furniture. After three days of work the property manager was very pleased with the out turnout. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage with Carpet Removal in Miami, FL

Water damage was caused by a crack on one of the bathroom toilets. Water affected half of second floor. Building owner called SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura to provide emergency dry out services. After inspection carpet was deemed unsalvageable and needed to be removed and replaced. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura provides more than just water damage services. Another successful job completed and another happy customer.

Commercial Fire in Miami , FL

SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was called in to take care of Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces of this servicing facility consisting of a full 8000 square feet of unobtrusive floor space. This facility is responsible for sales in: South Florida, The Caribbean, and South America SERVPRO use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

SERVPRO Responds To All Types Of Emergencies

No job is to big or to small for SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was called out to assist a customer with a plumbing issue. Upon arriving SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was confronted with a biohazard sewage backup in the master bathroom. Luckily our customer called to have the situation taken care of professionally due to the fact that the bathroom had to be cleaned & sanitized probably to prevent any bacteria or diseases from spreading. Another satisfied customer for SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura.

Team Work

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success". H.F We pride ourselves working as a team and showing our clients that we are the company to trust.


"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure". Colin Powell.

We are always prepared for any size job, our professionalism has helped us carry on a successful track record with our clients and we carry the SERVPRO® name proud.

Government Building Water Damage in Miami Gardens, FL

SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale/Aventura was called out for a large water loss in the City of Miami Gardens. Customer was worried about business time loss, but luckily with SERVPRO professionals training and experience the building was restored back to 100% in 3 days.

Don't Let Mold Take Over

It's the water you don't see that causes the most damage. This photo shows the results of a roof leak that was not attended too for a long period of time. Mold was possibly growing for years. Call SERVPRO if you have had previous water intrusions in your place of living and have your home inspected.

Commerical Water Loss in Miami Dade

On Friday May 13th at around 5:00pm EST SERVPRO received a large loss water damage call. SERVPRO dispatched all fleet vehicles and was on scene within an hour. Customer was happy with the response time and how quickly and professionally handled the water damage. Within two days SERVPRO was able to hand over property back to owner.

Marketing Fleet

Keep an eye out for our marketing vehicles. They can't be missed with that bright green design. Carrying SERVPRO® so proudly and riding around neighborhoods to present people with a company they can trust.