Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

SERVPRO equipment in HOLLYWOOD home due to mold remediation

Mold remediation needed for HOLLYWOOD home

Mold developed from walls of the Hollywood home and the home needed drying. The team ran the dehumidifier and fans to dry out the area after remediation. 

Molds grew in a bathroom of a Williams Island home

Molds grew in a bathroom of a Williams Island home

Home developed molds in the bathroom and 2 bedroom closets, the living room, and the bedroom were also affected.

Miami home molds grew in the living room

Miami home molds grew in the living room

Areas affected are the drywall between the kitchen and the living room, costumer said that he has mold stains on the living room walls, his wood laminate flooring has buckled too. He has not decided whether he will do an insurance claim, he would like to have an estimate before making the decision. Parking will be at the building. there is a visitor parking. 

Hollywood Home had molds due to roofing damage

Hollywood Home had molds due to roofing damage

The home had  broken concrete slab and roofing has damage.  Mold were found in both bathrooms from leak from the electrical masthead on being sealed it properly.  

Water Damage and Molds Grew in a Coral Springs Apartment

Water Damage and Molds Grew in a Coral Springs Apartment

The Second-floor guest bathroom ceiling around return fan have surface mold disinfected and painted affected area. The team did a walk-through through attic plywood and two by fours does not have any signs of water intrusion. Drywall was dry. Inside attic return vent needs to be properly installed there is air coming out from the exhaust hose In attic. Also recommend a water test to be done on the roof.   


Thorough containment

Beatriz setting up a detailed containment.

Mold Growth in Hollywood, FL

Water damages need to be addressed immediately to prevent secondary damages, such as, microbial growth. In this case, the affected materials were left unaddressed for a period of five days before seeking mitigation services. 

Mold Remediation in Bal Harbour, FL

A drying chamber was set on this job site to control the environment by lowering the humidity levels. The mold was caused by a long-term leak that went unnoticed behind the kitchen cabinets.

Mold Spreading

Client called and stated that she saw certain stains on the tile and on some wall areas, we went to complete a mold test and found a few areas on the first floor that were affected we began to spray and clean the affected areas. Client was very happy with the results. 

Growing Mold

Lady called because there was a distinct smell in her house she asked us to come and take a look. When we arrived we opened up the baseboard we found mold growing and spreading throughout the house. We began to work and have removed floors, walls in some areas and all baseboards and started the remediation process.

Untreated Mold

Due to a water damage that was not treated efficiently outer mold spread through the unit and since the owner was on vacation for a month the mold was not detected in time. SERVPRO of Hollywood/Hallandale & Hollywood was call to remediate we cleaned every surface and sprayed anti microbial to help destroy the bacteria from continuing to grow.

Don't Let Mold Take Over

It's the water you don't see that causes the most damage. This photo shows the results of a roof leak that was not attended too for a long period of time. Mold was possibly growing for years. Call SERVPRO if you have had previous water intrusions in your place of living and have your home inspected.